Monday, April 12, 2010

saw Willie heath neal the other night.

saw Willie heath neal the other night. he plays loud acoustic guitar, his guitar player has white hair and he really knows how to pick, t-bone is the drummer-he said McCracken’s in Marietta square is their favorite place top play-the bassist was quiet-it’s good time old fashioned shoot em up country rock and roll-the original songs blend in fine-I found a seat at the front table, Willie said I couldn’t sit there but I wanted to be close as I ate fish and chips. another man in a chair asks: where are you from? the guitarist his hair white rests his jacket near me, he starts out and it’s pounding: why don’t you leave me alone! I clap vociferously-Willie heath neal and the damned ole opry sound like a dream. an old time radio show beamed from another planet. T-Bone solos, the guitar solo-Willie goes off and I got thrown out of the bar.

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